Terms & Conditions

All hog/lamb roast bookings are to be secured by a 25% non refundable deposit. This is payable within 7 days of receiving a confirmation of booking/invoice. The remaining balance is to be cleared at least 24 hours prior to your event date.
Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Please note all cheques will need to be cleared at least 24 hours prior to your event so please bear this in mind if paying by this method. We are not able to accept uncleared cheques.

Quotations are valid for 14 days. Quotations may be subject to change due to fluctuating meat prices.

Any amendments to your booking need to be made in writing to ourselves with good notice. We have to order in advance from our suppliers and therefore may not be able to meet any last minute change of requests.

Whilst we always endeavor to deliver your roast within the specified timescales in plenty of time for your event, occasionally our timings may be impacted by circumstances beyond our control. These may include mechanical breakdown, theft of equipment, adverse weather conditions, traffic delays or motoring incidents and customer site access issues. Should this occur Arborfield Hog Roasts aim to provide as much notice to you as possible.

A parking space is required at the venue, with clear access to the cooking/serving area. If the function location has any stairs or narrow openings, please inform us in advance as we may need to assess the site or may require assistance. Our roasting machines require a minimum width of 3ft (92cms) for access. Please ensure the area we will be sited, and its access, is clear from any obstruction.

A gazebo will be provided in the event of bad weather. This is to cover our carving and serving areas.

If your event runs into the evening and it is likely to get dark, please ensure we have adequate lighting to carve and serve to your guests.

Hog roasts will have a 2 hour maximum service. This means once your roast is carved we will stay at your venue and serve to your guests for a maximum of 2 hours.

All salads are served buffet style.

Gluten free rolls need to be ordered in advance of the event date.

If the event is based on the client selling tickets, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the numbers are met. We cannot reduce the numbers originally quoted for.

The hog roast machine is very hot during and after cooking, all persons not employed by Arborfield Hog Roasts should view at a safe distance.

If you would like to keep any remaining food that has not been served we will leave it in suitable containers for you, however we cannot be held responsible for any food product after we have left the premises. It is up to you to ensure it is cooled and stored at the recommended temperatures for food safety.

All deposits/bookings taken confirm that you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.

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