Let us take more of the strain out of organizing your event. To accompany your roast we are able to supply a range of homemade salads all made from fresh, top quality ingredients.  Please contact us to discuss options and prices or if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Tomato Salad

Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, White Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Pepper and Dill

Pasta Salad

Pasta, Pesto and Roast Vegetables

Green Salad

Mixed Leaves


Cabbage, Carrot and Onion in a creamy Mayonnaise dressing

Garden Salad

Leaves, Cucumber and Tomato

Potato Salad

Potatoes, Salad Onions, Red Onions, Mayonnaise, Salt and Pepper

Hot Potatoes with Garlic and Thyme

New Potatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic, Thyme and Red Onion cooked through on a hot griddle.

Eco friendly cutlery and plates are supplied with salads.


To help our customers in making informed decisions regarding specific dietary requirements, we have produced fact sheets detailing ingredient information for the food that we serve.

All ingredient information is transferred from product labelling and this will include any ‘may contain’ information if this appears on the source product label.

These fact sheets are available for viewing by you and your guests at your event, but if you would like to see them in advance please let us know.

We are able to supply gluten free rolls on request for an additional charge (Please advise on booking).

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