Hog Roast in Reading

Do you want to present a great tasting focal point at your upcoming event? Hire the professional services of Arborfield Hog Roasts. We cook and serve a slow cooked hog roast with the utmost care.At Arborfield Hog Roasts our work is all about quality, bringing you the finest and most flavour some roast we can. We use meat from local suppliers which can be traced back to its origins.We accompany it with fresh rolls sources from our local bakery, stuffing and tangy but sweet apple sauce. We are equipped with robust spit roasters that let us prepare this delicacy to perfection resulting in juicy, succulent meat and crispy, crunching crackling. So if you are thinking about a hog roast in Reading contact us now for more information.

Spit Roasts For The Lovers Of Great Food

Hog roasting at Arborfield Hog Roasts is more of a passion, which we have turned into our profession. The spit roast that we prepare becomes a visual spectacle and the centre of interest at any occasion. It is a delight to watch and simply flavoursome. Let the aroma of a hog roast create a buzz amidst your guests.

If you are catering for a smaller event a Lamb Roast may suit you better. The lamb is still slow roasted on the spit to produce the best flavours and aromas. It results in moist, tender meat with a crispy skin that is full of flavour. We accompany the lamb with fresh rolls from our local baker, traditional mint and redcurrant sauces to ensure a tasty treat for your guests.

Our salads are also an ideal accompaniment to a roast. We prepare them fresh on the day from quality ingredients.

Hire Arborfield Hog Roasts to make your event a memorable success.

Reasons To Hire Arborfield Hog Roasts:

  1. When you have us managing the preparation, carving and serving you candevote more time to your guests.
  2. The delicacy comes with all traditional trimmings, crackling, stuffing, and sauces and fresh bread.
  3. We never precook our meat and only serve the whole pig , not joints.
  4. Our services are ideal for all occasions –birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, business parties and will feed a large number of guests
  5. We have a 5 star hygiene rating and are professional and friendly. Our aim is customer satisfaction on a sensible budget.

Let the sight and smell of a hog roast delight your guests,sit back and host a relaxed and memorable event in Reading with Arborfield Hog Roasts.