Hog Roast In Ascot

Organising an event can be a stressful, time-consuming business. A hog roast from Arborfield Hog Roasts is the ideal way to reduce some of the stress and to let you enjoy your event along with your guests. We at Arborfield Hog Roasts are experts at providing a service that will make your event a success. With several years experience in this industry we aim to provide good quality tasty food on a manageable budget. All meat roasted by Arborfield Hog Roasts is sourced locally and can be traced back to the farm it was raised. We also use local suppliers where possible for the accompaniments to your roast.

You will be presented with moist, succulent meat that has been slow-roasted for hours to achieve the best flavour. Our hog roast will come with the traditional trimmings, crunchy tasty crackling, stuffing, fresh bread rolls and sweet fruity apple sauce on the side. Hire Arborfield Hog Roasts services for a hog roast in Ascot and let your event win your guests’ hearts. We provide our services for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, farewells, christenings, corporate days, and much more.

Let A Hog Roast Adorn Your Event

A hog roast can transform an event into a memory worth cherishing. We only cook whole pigs, not joints. The pig will arrive at your event on the spit and be carved before your guests and then served by our friendly staff. This enables you to enjoy your event and mingle with your guests without the stress of preparing and laying out food. It adds an element of excitement and is a great talking point. Most importantly, it is a cost-effective option to feed a large number of people. Guaranteed to be a hit, the aroma of freshly roasted pig, tasty, tender meat and crispy, crunchy crackling will have your guests coming back for more.

Should you be catering for fewer people a Lamb Roast may be a better option for you. Still slow roasted to achieve the best flavours you will be presented with moist, flavoursome meat with crispy skin. This is served with the traditional trimmings of mint and redcurrant sauces and fresh bakery rolls.

We are also able to provide freshly made salads using quality ingredients.

Reasons To Choose Arborfield Hog Roasts

  1. Our aim is to provide you with good quality tasty food on a manageable budget.
  2. We are extremely proud of our 5 star food hygiene rating.
  3. Concern for quality results, food safety, and customer satisfaction.
  4. Services for cooking, serving, and cleanup.
  5. Dedication towards timely arrival and preparation of food.

If it’s a hog roast you are looking for, look no further than Arborfield Hog Roasts. Contact us now to find out more.